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Michael D. Mignoli, MD Vanguard Primary Care

Posted on Fri, Dec 9, 2016

What is a concierge medicine practice and why do I want to consider joining one?

Concierge or membership medicine refers to a growing movement in U.S. healthcare that enables physicians to offer patients a highly personalized, unique experience. The hallmark – a smaller patient panel – provides a way to blend the best of modern medicine with a return to an individualized practice. A concierge physician is able to develop the strong physician-patient relationship that is missing in much of today’s more rushed and transactional healthcare encounters. I believe taking the time to talk, and really listen, to each patient is the only way to thoroughly address all aspects of care. The opportunity to ask the right questions virtually always enables us to discover the right answers.

Dr. Mignoli, Primary Care, Lone Tree, Colorado

Michael D. Mignoli, MD
Vanguard Primary Care

It is this kind of comprehensive care that reflects the way medicine should be practiced…in a prompt, unhurried fashion, with same-day appointments, direct 24/7 access to the physician by cell phone or email, extended office visits with time to address complex conditions and individual concerns, and a strong emphasis on health and wellness. There’s real peace of mind for patients knowing they will be cared for by the doctor who knows them best, whether it’s at the hospital, after office hours or at home.

Michael D. Mignoli, MD
Vanguard Primary Care
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