MAKOplasty delays total knee replacement surgery

Saving active knees: MAKOplasty delays total knee replacement surgery

by Debra Melani

By staying abreast of the latest surgical advancements, HealthONE’s orthopedic surgeons help keep Coloradoans active by putting them back on their feet as quickly as possible. With the rise in knee replacements spurred largely by active baby boomers, one revolutionary technology being used today...

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NO LIMITS! Local athletes shatter barriers for people with disabilities

by Lisa Marshall

Imagine a day when a blind man can scale the world’s highest mountain, a paraplegic woman can compete alongside able-bodied triathletes, and below-the-knee amputees can scale towering rock walls and ice falls most wouldn’t dare. No need to imagine. That day has already come, and the Colorado...

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