little league baseball

Kids & Repetitive Motion Sports

by Brooke K Pengel, MD

Brooke K Pengel, MD, Medical Director Rocky Mountain Youth Sports Medicine Institute Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Centennial

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Pouring milk

Is My Child Lactose Intolerant?

by Jeanne Oh, MD

Jeanne Oh, MD Advanced Pediatric Associates Aurora, Centennial & Parker

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Calm Down a Fussy or Colicky Baby

What is the Best Way to Calm Down a Fussy or Colicky Baby?

by Robert Gin, MD

Robert Gin, MD Littleton Pediatric Medical Center Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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Peanut allergy

What is the Difference Between a Food Allergy and Food Intolerance?

by Lora Stewart, MD

Lora Stewart, MD Allergy and Asthma Care Prevention Center Lone Tree, Colorado

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Pregnant at 20, 30, 40

by Kristen Bason

Can a decade make a world of difference when it comes to conception and a healthy pregnancy? Yes and no. There is no perfect age to have a baby—every woman is unique. However, the physical aspects of pregnancy and risks are somewhat influenced by age. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

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Breastfeeding for working moms

Breastfeeding for Working Moms

by Kristen Bason

“I always encourage a mom to use her own definition of success for breastfeeding, not anyone else’s. Every day of breastmilk is truly a gift. Not having a hundred more days of breastmilk should take nothing away from the gift of that one day.” Sue Petracek, IBCLC, Bosom Buddies

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Quinoa (KEEN-wah)

by Andrea Juarez

Quinoa is a grain dating back more than 5,000 years to the Incas of South America. Today, quinoa is considered one of the best whole grains on the market and is touted as a “superfood.”

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Cuba X Ray machine

Colorado’s Project C.U.R.E. improving health care around the world

by Lisa Marshall

Inside a crowded public hospital for indigent children in Managua, Nicaragua, a 21-day-old baby lay beneath bright lights on a shiny new operating room table, recovering from surgery to repair a blockage in her heart. Around her, modern monitors assessed her vital signs, while sterile tubes fed her...

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staying comfortable during a summer pregnancy


by Jan Sheehan

Every pregnancy has its share of little discomforts, but a summer pregnancy can be particularly uncomfortable. When your belly is growing as the mercury is rising, things can quickly get unbearable. Don’t sweat! There are plenty of ways to beat the heat and keep your cool during the sticky...

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Naps: Does a routine of rest really matter?

by Lisa Marshall

Anyone who has been around toddlers and preschoolers much can tell you: Just one missed nap can turn a “little angel” into an intolerable grouch. But new research suggests it may do much more than that, blunting their capacity for joy, heightening their anxiety, and diminishing their tendency...

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