Fertility Treatment

Protecting Parenthood

by Debra Melani

Fertility specialists can offer cancer patients hope of fulfilling family dreams

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Charles Mateskon, MD

Meet the Doctor: Charles Mateskon, MD & Medical Director of Radiation Oncology

by Health & Wellness magazine

Radiation Oncology is the medical specialty involving the treatment of cancer with ionizing radiation (also called radiotherapy or radiation therapy). Charles Mateskon, MD, is the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

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For baby boomers, overcoming vices can go a long way

by Scot Kersgaard

You know you’re a baby boomer if you remember smoking behind the school, seeing Dean Martin get soused on TV and watching McDonalds go from 1 million to billions of burgers served. You also know you’re a baby boomer if you fell into some of these bad habits that have come back to haunt you...

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Just Breathe: The powerful simplicity of meditation

by Rhea Maze

Imagine your thoughts as leaves on a river, clouds moving across the sun or cars on a train— with the goal being to watch the train go by without jumping onto any of the cars. Therein lies the inherent challenge of meditation.

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Looking ahead: Rose trials improve breast-cancer treatment for patients today and tomorrow

by Debra Melani

Visions of her mother’s severe radiation burns from breast-cancer treatment stuck with Eddy Duckels through the years. So did tales of her grandmother’s lost battle with the disease, despite a mastectomy. So when doctors told her that she, too, was dealt that unlucky breast-cancer card, Duckels...

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Dr. Bridget Rogers

No time for a mammogram? Think again, doctor says

by Debra Melani

HealthONE patients who make excuses for avoiding a mammogram should cross “lack of time” off their lists, as the system offers a number of screening sites across the metro area that aim for high efficiency.

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Century Cancer Centers Denver


by Mary Lemma

Ellen Muench had a bucket list for post-retirement in 2013, but the former flight attendant had to postpone it while she underwent treatment for breast cancer. Her diagnosis wasn’t enough of a blow, though; it came within two days of her husband, David’s, diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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Purr-fect prescription

by Sarah Maurer

Patients, doctors find health benefits of four-legged friends

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Caring for the caregiver: Focusing on self helps everyone in long run

by Kelly Pate Dwyer

Sharon Gordon works full-time and handles most household tasks since her husband, Mac, 57, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, in November 2012. Their son works full time and their daughter is in college, but they help out when they can.

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Parathyroid gland anatomy

Thyroid disorders: neck gland can wreak havoc

by Debra Melani

Most people brush the signs off as normal aging: gaining weight; losing energy; repeatedly searching the house for the keys. But in many cases, particularly in women past age 50, a small, butterfly-shaped gland that polices metabolism causes the chaos.

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