Family Medicine/Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Dr. Adam Barkin Sky Ridge ER

Emergency Room Basics

by Joelle Klein

When to Visit the ER and What to Do Before You Go

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Teenage Depression and Anxiety | Who, why and how to help

by Courtney Messenbaugh

“Teen Suicide Is Soaring.” “More Kids Are Attempting or Thinking About Suicide.” These are a couple of the chilling headlines that appeared in newspapers and magazines in recent months.

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Mike McKibben, Sepsis survival

Surviving Sepsis: One Man’s Fight to Reclaim His Life After A Deadly Infection

by Jeannette Moninger

After returning from a European vacation, Mike McKibben initially blamed jetlag for his muscle aches, extreme fatigue and other flu-like symptoms. The 61-year-old Lone Tree resident and his wife, Sue, had a great time in Austria, Switzerland and Germany and even took a cruise on the Rhine River to...

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Her Sexual Health, Want Better Sex? Start Talking

Her Sexual Health: Want Better Sex? Start Talking 

by Morgan Tilton

Something bizarre happened when Emma Murray, now 23, chose a copper IUD for birth control — it’s a tiny intrauterine device that’s inserted by a doctor inside the uterus for long-term protection. Four months post-insertion, the IUD shifted during intercourse, caused a sharp pain, and fell out.

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Cardio King

by Morgan Tilton

Get the skinny on high-intensity v. steady-state cardio workouts

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P/SL Transplant Center

Transplant Patient Gets Fresh Start

by Andrea Juarez | photos Dan Sidor

P/SL Transplant Center Is Top Notch 

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ER or Urgent Care?

What’s the difference between urgent care and the emergency room?

by Dr. Mark Montano

Emergency rooms are designed to treat patients with critical conditions and life-threatening injuries. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Urgent care clinics are designed for patients whose illnesses or injuries don’t present as life-threatening, but who feel they cannot wait until...

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Colorado Health & Wellness magazine, Ask The Dr

Ask The Dr.

by Dr. Jenifer Marks

What GERD treatment options are available? Are there dietary and lifestyle changes to make? Or, do I have to rely on medications or surgery?

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Too much caffeine

Are you overcaffeinating?

by Andrea Juarez

Your caffeine habit — whether it’s coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks— may taste good and may even give you that much-needed boost for mental focus and performance. But too much caffeine is not good for your health. And not all caffeine is equal.

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Coasting Over the Hill Three habits to become a happy, healthy senior

Coasting Over the Hill

by Electa Draper

Three habits to become a happy, healthy senior

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