Greenwood Athletic Club

Increasing your core value: You need more than strong abs to keep your body at its best

by Sally Wadyka

There comes a time when flaunting six-pack abs loses priority, but that’s no excuse to let your stomach muscles go. In fact, it’s more important than ever, as we age, to build a strong core.

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For baby boomers, overcoming vices can go a long way

by Scot Kersgaard

You know you’re a baby boomer if you remember smoking behind the school, seeing Dean Martin get soused on TV and watching McDonalds go from 1 million to billions of burgers served. You also know you’re a baby boomer if you fell into some of these bad habits that have come back to haunt you...

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safer Beauty routines

Back to Basics: A closer look at the safety of our beauty routines

by Rhea Maze

A small crowd of women gathers around Heather Baruch at the Denver farmers’ market as she demonstrates her skincare line, which is free of synthetic ingredients, preservatives and chemicals “A lot of people are skeptical of natural products and don’t believe they will work,” says Baruch,...

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Just Breathe: The powerful simplicity of meditation

by Rhea Maze

Imagine your thoughts as leaves on a river, clouds moving across the sun or cars on a train— with the goal being to watch the train go by without jumping onto any of the cars. Therein lies the inherent challenge of meditation.

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Dr. Christine Darr

Emergency 101: Doctor offers advice for babysitting grandparents

by Debra Melani

Sleepovers with grandkids rank high on the cherished-moments list for most grandparents. But when the tea parties and story times give way to high fevers and broken bones, being in charge can create anxious moments instead. Dr. Christine Darr, medical director of the Pediatric Emergency Department...

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Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley

Get healthier on vacation: seven trips that improve body & mind

by Allyson Reedy

Never mind T-shirts and key chains. On your next vacation, why not make a smaller waistline, less stress or a rejuvenated outlook on life your souvenirs? Face it: Planning and taking trips are often more taxing than a stressful work week (think crammed itineraries, culture shock and pressure to go,...

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Stacey Vicari, Ideal Life

Living life: Coach urges taking stock at midlife and checking back into the game

by Maribeth Neelis

Existential angst can strike at any age. But mid-life changes, like health issues, retirement, divorce or an empty nest, often challenge a person’s sense of self and intensify the anxiety.

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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Sound slumber can grow more evasive with age

by Debra Melani

Have you ever found yourself wishing the Sandman’s nightly route included adult bedrooms and not just children’s? Just a little sprinkling of that magic dust in your eyes – that’s all you crave, as you lie awake fearing that sleep won’t come before the alarm clock blares. Sound like you?...

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Purr-fect prescription

by Sarah Maurer

Patients, doctors find health benefits of four-legged friends

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Shaking the salt habit: Scaling back on sodium can stave off disease

by Howard Rothman

Salt has been used to preserve food and enhance taste for centuries. It’s also essential for balancing bodily fluids. But too much can lead to serious health conditions, like heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

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