Caring for the caregiver: Focusing on self helps everyone in long run

by Kelly Pate Dwyer

Sharon Gordon works full-time and handles most household tasks since her husband, Mac, 57, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, in November 2012. Their son works full time and their daughter is in college, but they help out when they can.

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Catherine Vrba

Advanced Spine Surgery gets Coloradans Back on Path

by Mary Lemma

Catherine Vrba had been an athletic person all her life, especially devoted to long distance running. But after two car accidents, she started to experience back pain that increased in frequency and severity over several years. Everyday activities such as looking after the house, driving her...

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pelvic prolapse

Pelvic prolapse: secret sufferers have solutions

by Debra Melani

Its name might sound benign, but for many women suffering pelvic prolapse, it’s embarrassing, frightening and profoundly life-altering. Worst of all, many of these often baby-boomer-aged women become reclusive, not knowing there’s help, HealthONE experts say.

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varicose vein treatment

Varicose veins: more than a cosmetic issue

by Debra Melani

Maybe their mom told them the unsightly veins were just part of aging. Or maybe they knew someone who tried to battle the bulging, wormlike veins with surgery, regretting it to this day. Whatever their reason, many people are quietly and wrongly suffering with varicose veins, doctors say.

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anterior hip replacement

Replacing parts: Joint surgery can bring back life’s pleasures

by Debra Melani

Ask Jim Rice how bad the pain in his hip was, and he finds no need for contemplation. “It was a 10,” he replies instantly. Yet the tough Colorado outdoorsman is also quick to add that it wasn’t so much the pain, but what the pain took away, that pushed him through his orthopedic surgeon’s door.

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Denver Center for Endocrine Surgery

The bald truth: Taking the taboo out of female hair loss

by Sally Wadyka

Thinning hair affects most men as they age. And no matter how much guys hate it, often suffering “plugs and rugs-type” jokes, baldness in men is generally socially acceptable. For women, however, the experience can be different.

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Stephanie Sparks

Mind on the Mend: Spalding therapists help patients regain function with cell-promoting exercises

by Debra Melani

Stephanie Sparks felt agitated. Her hospital room had no phone, no TV. Some guy kept telling her what day it was every time he saw her. And other people would ask her to do things over and over: Pick up this spoon. Create this sound. It didn’t make any sense to her. But not much did.

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Coach George Karl

George Karl: Coach gains insight on health, life from cancer scare

by Scot Kersgaard | photos by Farrah Jobling

Being the sixth-winningest coach in NBA history, with more than 1,100 victories, can bring a smile to George Karl’s face. But the former Nuggets coach considers his two most significant triumphs his wins over cancer: first, prostate and then throat cancer.

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Diana Nyad swimming to Cuba

Riding a wave: Aging athletes adopt new ways for staying in the game

by Lisa Marshall

Standing on a Florida beach after her historic 53-hour swim from Cuba, a sunburned and ecstatic Diana Nyad looked into the TVcameras in September and delivered a potent message to her fellow baby boomers: “You are never too old to chase your dreams.”

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green baby products

Eco-Friendly Baby Products: What’s worth your green?

by Allyson Reedy

I recently attended a post-story time coffee with several new moms. “You guys,” one of them leaned forward whispering, as if about to confess to switching her baby at birth or, worse, swiping another woman’s Orbit luxury stroller, “when we were on vacation, we used real laundry detergent.”

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