Mental Health

Darcy Piceu, Frank Shorter, Clare Gallagher

Run for Decades

by Morgan Tilton

Three professional runners share advice on training, motivation and minimizing injuries

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Brad Feld, Colorado Health & Wellness magazine, mental health

Brad Feld’s Village

by Sarah Protzman Howlett

Colorado Entrepreneur’s Take on Coping with Depression

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Rose Namajunas UFC rests for a minute

Meet UFC Champ! Rose Namajunas

by Jahla Seppanen

One-on-One with Colorado’s Rose Namajunas, UFC Champion

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depression in women

A Somber Reality

by Kris Scott

Depression Experts Explain Why Women Suffer and How to Cope

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Meghan Gordon, Boundary Warrior

Pacemaker-Like Devices Solution for Pain, Tremors and Weight Loss

by Andrea Juarez

Muscles ripple in Meghan Gordon’s arms and legs as she squats and bench presses during her weight training workout. She is petite at 5’ 5” but a powerhouse, able to lift more than her body weight and impressively pump out 210 reps. At 41, she is the epitome of strength and discipline.

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resilient living

Hardship To Happiness

by Kris Scott

Doctor on mission to revitalize people's resiliency

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Jeff Glasbrenner

Peak Dreams

by Jeannette Moninger

Golden resident Jeff Glasbrenner was in a precarious situation. He was in the final stages of a 12-hour push to summit the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. For every step forward, Glasbrenner needed three breaths to recover. A storm had socked in his team for an extra day in the area...

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young woman smoking electronic cigarette

Holiday Relapse Triggers: How to Stay Sober

by Jasmine Aranda

For some, the holidays evoke images of blissful family gatherings, dinner parties and even sleigh rides in the snow. For others, the holidays often come with family strife, stress, overindulgence and the temptations of parties all around. It is these risk factors as well as emotional pressure...

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Austin Eubanks, Columbine Survivor, dead age 37

Austin Eubanks, Mending Lives

by Kris Scott | Photos by David Dietrich

Columbine survivor found solace in aiding others to sobriety

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The Path to Happiness

What Makes Us Happy?

by Kris Scott

Eleven people mill around a light-filled room inside an Arvada church, a window framing a picture-perfect view of the Rockies. They’re a diverse group, with only one apparent trait they might have in common: They all seem slightly off their rockers. There’s Steve, an older gentleman who arrived...

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