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Solve Health Media offers ‘Meet the Dr.’ profiles to help physicians in private practice or practice groups attract new patients. Our personalized profiles highlights the qualities, expertise and personality traits that make each provider unique as individuals and health care professionals. A physician’s online profile is often a patient’s first impression.

Every health provider has a story, which is why Premium Physician Profiles go beyond routine medical school information. We explore the motivation behind a provider’s passion for medicine, as well as their distinct approach and philosophies to patient care. Uncovering the ‘why’ behind a doctor’s choice of specialty is more compelling than focusing on where they received their education and training.

Our biographies can include hobbies, interests and family life, that make a memorable first impression and help humanize providers to patients. The right information presented the right way can mean the difference between a patient choosing a physician or going elsewhere for care.

Perhaps you’re looking for an effective way to initiate Dr./patient rapport for telehealth appointments? We can help!


Why did you start a new business venture after publishing Health & Wellness magazine for so many years?

While working on each issue of Health & Wellness magazine, I spent a lot of time on physician websites. I found that medical practices put a lot of effort into creating professional-looking websites, but the physician profiles seemed almost like an afterthought. The human part of the website — the information that would drive someone to choose one particular provider over another — is often missing.

There’s a saying in business: People buy the why. In other words, letting people know ‘why’ they should choose you as their provider is far more powerful than using the ‘then and where’ in your storytelling. But this information can be challenging to obtain and present with accuracy and finesse. My team and I have years of physician marketing and health care journalism experience. I’ve brought together the top talent in print and video storytelling, medical photography and more to provide this customized service.

What makes Premium Physician Profiles different?

For starters, we kick things off in the present using a question-and-answer format that really helps patients get to know their provider. We create a first impression that is positive, sincere and memorable. Of course, we include important facts like medical schooling, training and experience, but we do so in a timeline format separate from the profile. This approach allows patients to quickly see this pertinent history while engaging them in a compelling story about the provider.

We build our content around your profile. Services include:

  • A 2-minute getting-to-know you video
  • Meet the Doctor customized profile
  • Ask the Doctor column
  • Telehealth messaging
  • Did you know fast facts 
  • Education and training timeline
  • Professional medical photographs that go beyond your standard headshots
  • Contact information including Google map to your location

If I already have a website and profile, why should I invest in a Premium Physician Profile?

In today’s digital world, a first impression is often made online. Sure, your referral network is very important. But patients still want to ‘meet you’ before coming in. They want a sense for who you are, not just as a doctor, but as person and member of their community. In many respects your profile is the most important part of your website. If your profile isn’t as interesting and well-done as your competitor’s, you are probably losing out on new patients. 

We already have a website company. Why should we add Solve Health Media?

Our service is somewhat similar to a construction project where a general contractor hires a cabinet maker for that one part of the kitchen project. We’re the physician profile specialists who create personable biographies that help your expertise and personality shine. We are niche, specialized and focused on making this specific aspect of your website top-notch.

How do I get started?

You can contact me at 303-522-3933 or


Peter Solveson, Solve Health Media, Health & Wellness ColoradoMeet Pete | Solve Health Media

Health care marketing specialist Peter Solveson created Health & Wellness magazine in May of 2002. He works with his creative team to produce engaging and compelling content about Colorado hospitals, physicians and health care professionals for the communities they serve. His most recent venture, Solve Health Media, creates premium physician profiles for medical practice websites.

These personable stories go beyond routine medical school information. “Every health provider has a story. We explore the motivation, or ‘why,’ behind a provider’s passion for health care, as well as their unique approach to patient care,” Solveson explains. “Our biographies capture nuances, such as hobbies and interests, that make a memorable first impression and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.”

Solve Health Media is a team of passionate, specialized and talented production and marketing professionals. Everyone has a roll-up-your sleeves attitude and is dedicated to the highest quality standards.

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