Craig Lehrman, MD, Denver plastic surgeon, Aurora

Craig Lehrman, MD

Hand and Reconstructive Center of Medical Center of Aurora

Dr. Craig Lehrman, Plastic surgeon with The Hand and Reconstructive Center of Colorado

What attracted you to the field of plastic surgery?
Dr. Lehrman: The term plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikós,” meaning to restore and make whole. I was immediately drawn to the idea of being able to help in a way that positively impacts someone’s life. Cancer and trauma are very destructive. Having the ability to help restore “normal” appearance and function is amazing. At The Hand and Reconstructive Center of Colorado, we also provide care for people recovering from traumatic injuries including burns. In addition, I perform cosmetic procedures like face-lifts and body contouring to help restore a person’s self-confidence and form. The variety of surgeries I offer for people of all ages and stages of their lives make no two days quite alike.

What types of hand surgeries do you perform?
Dr. Lehrman: The most common conditions we see are carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. With society’s increased use of smartphones and computers, I expect demand for this procedure to remain high. As a result of Coloradoan’s active lifestyles, we see a variety of injuries—from skier’s thumb to wrist fractures to sprains and strains. Depending on the problem, we may use nonsurgical or surgical treatments. My background training at the Mayo Clinic enables me to perform more complex surgeries to treat conditions like hand and wrist arthritis, as well as injuries that have failed to heal with standard treatments.

How do your microvascular surgical procedures work?
Dr. Lehrman: Microvascular surgery uses powerful microscopes and precision instruments to repair very tiny blood vessels and nerves. This surgical approach allows me to move tissue from one part of the body to heal another part of the body. With this surgery, I can reconnect blood vessels to restore blood flow and reattach severed fingers and hands. Microvascular surgery is most commonly used for reconstruction after cancer or traumatic injuries. It is a complex operation that requires the hands and skills of two surgeons.

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