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Foods You’re Not Eating—But Should

7 Foods You’re Not Eating—But Should

by Meghan Rabbitt

Let’s face it: Most of us race through the grocery store, checking foods off our go-to lists to make our go-to meals. Even when we have more time — say, we’re strolling around the farmer’s market — it’s not likely we’ll pick up a fruit or veggie we’ve never eaten or cooked before.

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LARABAR, Lara Merriken

Lara Merriken: Colorado’s LÄRABAR Founder Talks Food, Health and Entrepreneurship

by Andrea Juarez

Little did Lara Merriken know that a Cuisinart, a rolling pin and some bags of fruits and nuts, mixed in with some curiosity and “grit” would turn her idea into a multimillion-dollar business. Merriken is the founder of LÄRABAR — the energy bar that was born in a lightbulb moment on a hike...

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sugar in kids diet

Lowdown on sugar

by Andrea Juarez

Four-year-old Joaquin Jimenez picks up a juice box at the store, turns it over and pretends to read the label. “Mommy, this has too much sugar, so we can’t have it,” he says, mimicking his mother, Celestina Jimenez. “He’s learning it’s not a free for all with his diet,” his mom tells an observer.

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Girl Vegetarian

My daughter wants to become a vegetarian. How can I help her?

by Jennifer J King, MD

First find out her motivations for wanting to be a vegetarian – moral reasons, losing weight, healthier lifestyle, etc. and then educate her on vegetarian lifestyle options after some online research. Vegans exclude all animal products and dairy Lactovegetarians consume milk and milk products...

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Healthy lunches for kids

Brown bagging it

by Lisa Marshall

Recent headlines about “pink slime,” “mystery meat,” and salt and fat-laden offerings on school cafeteria trays have prompted many concerned parents to take matters into their own hands and pack Junior’s lunch themselves. But are sack lunches any healthier than what the school has to offer?

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