Presbyterian/Saint Luke’s Medical Center

P/SL Transplant Center

Transplant Patient Gets Fresh Start

by Andrea Juarez | photos Dan Sidor

P/SL Transplant Center Is Top Notch 

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Colorado Women Cancer Resource, Group Support

Women and Heart Attacks

by Andrea Juarez

For women, symptoms can be more than chest pain

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Mark Schlereth, Denver Broncos, aging NFL Athletes

Keeping Up With Mark Schlereth

by Jennifer Starbuck | photos by Farrah Jobling

Bronco's Super Bowl Champion Stays Active, Willfully Keeps Osteoarthritis Pain At Bay

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Ask A Doctor

by Pamela Havlen, MD

Dear Dr. Havlen; Is there any way to prevent a condition that runs in my family—before it affects me?

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Michael D. Mignoli, MD, FACP

Ask the Orthopedist

by Dr. Jeremy Kinder

Dear Dr. Kinder; What is a total joint revision surgery, and how do I know if I need it?

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Canfield, DaVinci Robot

Rolling With The Robot

by Debra Melani

Da Vinci System Moves Into More Surgical Specialties at P/SL

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taylor spatial frame

Dr. David Hahn and the Taylor Spatial Frame

by Debra Melani

Years ago, even the best of orthopedic surgeons couldn’t lengthen someone’s leg or fix a crooked bone, leaving patients disabled or sometimes requiring amputation. Today, P/SL’s Dr. David Hahn does both, sometimes at the same time, with the use of an advanced “fixator” called a Taylor...

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Giancarlo Barolat, MD

Dr. Giancarlo Barolat: A pioneer in spinal cord neuromodulation

by Debra Melani

Using similar technology as his HealthONE colleagues performing deep-brain stimulation (see Making Life Golden Again), P/SL’s Dr. Giancarlo Barolat has been a pioneer in helping patients overcome insurmountable pain through neuromodulation, or stimulation of nerve cells, for 30 years.

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Ed Schreiber

More than a mobility thief: Leg disease can threaten life and limb

by Debra Melani

As with most victims, Ed Schreiber’s peripheral artery disease snatched his ability to walk pain-free just as his lazy, strolling days of retirement lay ahead. But unlike many patients, the computer-software specialist saw his doctor at the first sign of the disease, boosting his chance of...

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For the love of your heart: Doctors share meanings behind their cardiovascular-health messages

by Debra Melani

Heart disease holds the top spot for killing the most people in this country, and its grip remains rock solid. Every minute, it takes an American life, and it accounts for more than a quarter of Colorado’s deaths each year. Below, with the help of Dr. Eugene Sherman, a cardiologist with The...

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