I’m never in the mood. What could be causing my low libido? | by Dr. Cindi Martin

I'm never in the mood

Posted on Tue, Jun 17, 2014


Dr. Cindi Martin, All About Women's Care

Answered by Dr. Cindi Martin, All About Women’s Care

Once you’ve determined your relationship with your partner is not one of the factors causing your low libido, there are several things we can look at.

Are you overcommitted? Are you not nurturing or taking time for yourself?

What is your method of preventing pregnancy? If you are on a birth control pill, some of the progestins in the pill can significantly lower free testosterone levels, causing a drop in libido.

Are you getting older? Women’s testosterone levels peak at age 20, and are half that peak level by our 40s.

Are you on an antidepressant known as an SSRI? Do you take medications for high blood pressure or bipolar disorder? These can all lower your libido.

And then of course there is menopause with loss of estrogen, expanding waistlines and painful intercourse for some.

But also know studies have shown that as a woman, if you do not think of sex without your partner approaching you, you are normal as well. Many women do not think of or desire sex until invited appropriately.

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