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Posted on Tue, Sep 26, 2017

I've been dealing with varicose veins in my legs long enough! What are my options?

Colleen S. Hupp, DO, Vascular Surgeon, Denver

Dr. Colleen S. Hupp

Varicose veins (also called varicosities) are twisted and enlarged veins that generally occur in the legs and feet. They are veins that no longer function effectively and develop because of pressure from standing, walking and other upright activities. Over time the one-way valves in these veins, which are meant to help blood flow back to the heart, degenerate and cause the veins to dilate, blood to pool and pressure to increase. They can be a purely cosmetic concern for some people and extremely painful for others.

First line treatment is usually conservative and includes wearing compression stockings. This, however, is often a short-term solution that treats the symptoms but doesn’t address the underlying problem. Your doctor may also recommend vein ablation because it is a long-term solution that addresses the problem at its source: the vein. In the procedure, a heat source such as laser destroys the varicose vein and blood is automatically rerouted through well-functioning veins. Your doctor will also make small incisions to remove large branches of the varicose veins that are visible.

Most vein ablation procedures can be performed in an office with the patient receiving local anesthesia. Scarring is usually minimal and hardly noticeable. Another advantage for this procedure is that varicose veins rarely reappear.

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