Asking Dr. Lennon about bio-identical hormone treatments | by Dr. Kelly Lennon, MD, CMO

Erika Lee, Gastroenterology, Lone Tree, Colorado

Posted on Wed, Oct 23, 2019

How can hormone optimization influence the health of men and women? 

Hormone optimization with bio-identical hormone therapy is designed to move the dial on hormone levels for men and women feeling the decline of those hormones and its physical manifestations as a result of aging.  

Issues of fatigue, lack of mental clarity, achiness, poor sleeping, low libido and weight gain are primarily a consequence of andropause and menopause but can affect anyone at any age. Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleeping, bladder issues and vaginal dryness which are often pronounced but other associated symptoms may be just as disruptive. The andropause in men tends to be more insidious over decades and less pronounced than symptoms of menopause but it will affect men’s health and wellness, just as the menopause will affect a woman’s health and wellness. 

Dr. Kelly Lennon, OB-GYN

How are bio-identical hormone treatments different than conventional hormone treatments?

Conventional/regular hormone therapy will often rely on artificial or synthetic hormones or the least amount of hormone necessary to manage the symptoms. Often times, the maximum amount of pharmaceutical hormone preparations is insufficient for symptom improvement. Bio-identical hormone formulas are identical to the hormones that men and women produce naturally. Consequently, bio-identical hormone regimens will reduce the risk of complications associated with synthetic hormone regimens and protect the bones, heart, brain and breasts. If you suffer from any of the symptoms described, you are a candidate for hormone screening and consultation regarding hormone optimization.

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