Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Meet the Doctor: Craig Lehrman, MD

by Jeannette Moninger

Plastic surgeon with The Hand and Reconstructive Center of Colorado

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Dr. Mike McCracken NeoGraft hair transplant

McCracken Eye and Face Institute Provides Solution for Hair Loss Sufferers

by Health & Wellness

Advances in Hair Transplant Technology Create Natural-Looking, Successful Results

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taylor spatial frame

Dr. David Hahn and the Taylor Spatial Frame

by Debra Melani

Years ago, even the best of orthopedic surgeons couldn’t lengthen someone’s leg or fix a crooked bone, leaving patients disabled or sometimes requiring amputation. Today, P/SL’s Dr. David Hahn does both, sometimes at the same time, with the use of an advanced “fixator” called a Taylor...

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Dr. Mike McCracken

Local surgeon sports arsenal of age-fighting eye and facial techniques

by Debra Melani

In the battle against aging, some invaders are more easily warded off than others: Flabby arms? Double the pushups. Pooching belly? Lay off the brownies. But when those inevitable signs of time strike the face, devising counterattacks becomes a bigger challenge, often requiring the big guns.

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Dr. Laura Atagi, Chin Augmentation, Colorado

Best Face Forward

by Jennifer L.W. Fink

Chin augmentation enhances facial balance

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plastic surgery woman


by Jan Sheehan

The first wave of Baby Boomers turned 66 in 2012, and according to the AARP they’re reinventing what it means to grow older. In fact, Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” might just be the Boomer’s theme song. A recent Pew Research study reported that Boomers, on average, feel 15 years younger...

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cosmetic surgery for men

More Men Having Plastic Surgery

by Larry Keller

Time was when any self-respecting man equated plastic surgery with being a fop, a dandy. Times have changed. Magazines like Men’s Health bulge with articles and ads advising guys on how to look, smell and feel better. And nowadays, hundreds of thousands of men get sliced, peeled and injected...

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little league baseball

Kids & Repetitive Motion Sports

by Brooke K Pengel, MD

Brooke K Pengel, MD, Medical Director Rocky Mountain Youth Sports Medicine Institute Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Centennial

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