Darcy Piceu, Frank Shorter, Clare Gallagher

Run for Decades

by Morgan Tilton

Three professional runners share advice on training, motivation and minimizing injuries

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age related foot health

Fight Age-Related Foot Health Issues with These Tips

by Kris Scott

If you’re older than 45 or 50, chances are you’ve experienced foot pain. With age comes changes in the way feet are structured. Bones and joints stretch out and feet get bigger. The muscles in feet begin to lose flexibility and elasticity. Finally and most commonly, the fat pad underneath the...

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Hyperbaric chamber

A boost of O2: HealthONE adds more hyperbaric chambers to help heal wounds, save limbs

by Debra Melani

What Dr. Paul Thombs does every day isn’t always pretty. And what he has his patients do generally doesn’t amount to much fun. But when the hyperbaric medicine specialist’s head hits the pillow each night, he can sleep soundly, knowing that he provides a unique way of saving life and limb.

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Healthy Feet

Oh, My Aching Feet!

by Jennifer L.W. Fink

Relief for some of the most common foot-related complaints

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