aging parents

Katy Butler

Spreading the Joy of Gentle Medical Care 

by Bobbi Dempsey

Katy Butler loves a good gamble—when the stakes are small. “I love going to the track and betting $2 on horses that I know nothing about. I go down to the paddock and see what they look like. I buy a tip sheet and study who the handicappers think the favorites are. I combine reading the sheet...

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Coasting Over the Hill Three habits to become a happy, healthy senior

Coasting Over the Hill

by Electa Draper

Three habits to become a happy, healthy senior

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visiting mom

Aging Parents: Making Every Visit Count

by Christian Toto

People visiting a loved one in a nursing home want to make every minute count. That doesn't always happen despite the best intentions. Area experts tell us a rewarding nursing home trip requires planning, flexibility and an understanding of just how the facility in question operates.

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