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Cynthia Redd Rogers South Denver OB/GYN

Meet Cynthia “Redd” Rogers, CNP, PNNP

by Solve Health Media

Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) and Perinatal Nurse Practitioner (PNNP) at South Denver OB/GYN & Midwives in Littleton and Castle Rock

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Braxton Hicks

Ask The OB

by Dr. Bridget Walsh

Covering 5 Nutrition & Healthy Pregnancy Questions

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Carrying the Weight

by Lisa Marshall

For moms-to-be, what they eat, gain can set baby up for life of obesity, disease

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Postnatal Mindfulness Meditation

by Maribeth Neelis

Meditation evokes images of solitude, but it actually can have a positive impact on your interpersonal relationships and interactions. One possible explanation: mindfulness meditation increases self-awareness.

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Steven Grover, MD

Fact or fallacy? Many pregnancy myths are a little of both

by Debra Melani

Dr. Steven Grover, OB/GYN and department chair of Women’s Services at Sky Ridge Medical Center, helped us sift out the truth in a number of perplexing pregnancy issues. Here is his best take-home advice:

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Pregnancy Health


by Jan Sheehan

Every pregnancy has its share of little discomforts and annoyances. And many of those discomforts are drips, spots, leaks and even gushes that take place below the bump. Mysterious discharges during pregnancy can be a simple inconvenience or a worrisome danger sign.

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Dr. Kristen Garcia

Worth the wait

by Debra Melani

Babies born before 39 weeks can face problems

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First Trimester

Knowledge Is Power: Lessons Learned from Your First Trimester

by Kristen Bason

When you are pregnant, you have many worries, but really only one concern: Is the baby healthy?

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