Ed McCaffrey of the Denver BroncosPhoto: © Rich Clarkson & Associates, LLC

Ed McCaffrey, Keeping Pain Free & Fit

by Debra Melani

He was John Elway’s go-to guy. At 6-foot-5-inches, he was hard for his quarterback to miss. But Ed McCaffrey, a Bronco’s All Pro wide receiver during that winning era, was also known for his valiant catches. Even during a Monday-night, season-ending play in 2001, when he suffered a severe...

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Evade Boomeritis: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

by Larry Keller

Snap, crackle, pop. It’s no longer just the sound of a breakfast cereal. Increasingly, it’s the rumble from baby boomers’ joints and ligaments tearing, and bones fracturing. Sedentary during the week, they play sports on weekends with the zeal of maniacal Olympic athletes. And, come Monday,...

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