Colorado Caregiver's Guide to Dementia Resources


by Peter Solveson

Denver fosters a large community of people with personal ties to memory loss, who have dedicated their life’s work to this cause. Whether you are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, are a caregiver, or love someone living with one or the other, we hope this guide can serve as a bridge from you...

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Teepa Snow, Positive Approach, LLC

Keeping Things Positive for Patients and Caregivers 

by Bobbi Dempsey

Teepa Snow was raised in West Virginia and rural southeastern Pennsylvania, and says those roots strongly influenced her work ethic and caretaking nature. “I grew up in blue collar areas where you don’t walk away, you pull your own weight, and if there’s somebody in need you figure out what...

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Robotics technology; this is the future, University of Denver Professor, Dr. Mohammad Mahoor and founder of DreamFace Technologies

Innovation In Dementia Care

by Noelle Melisa Videon

Socially assistive robot designed to help people living with dementia and overburdened caregivers.

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learn to play guitar, Swallow Hill Music in Denver

Music: A Total Brain Workout

by Mary Lemma | photos Farrah Jobling

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” The late-17th- century poet and playwright William Congreve had it right. But music — especially playing music — is good for the brain, too.

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concussion, youth sports

Active Rehab New Protocol for Youth Concussions

by Jeannette Moninger

Children and teens who play organized sports have a higher chance of getting a concussion. Just a year ago, these young injured players might have been sidelined for weeks with doctor-prescribed rest.

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Meghan Gordon, Boundary Warrior

Pacemaker-Like Devices Solution for Pain, Tremors and Weight Loss

by Andrea Juarez

Muscles ripple in Meghan Gordon’s arms and legs as she squats and bench presses during her weight training workout. She is petite at 5’ 5” but a powerhouse, able to lift more than her body weight and impressively pump out 210 reps. At 41, she is the epitome of strength and discipline.

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resilient living

Hardship To Happiness

by Kris Scott

Doctor on mission to revitalize people's resiliency

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Dizzy symptoms


by Andrea Juarez

Pay Attention to Symptoms for Diagnosis

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CarePoint HealthCare

Ask The Denver Neurosurgeon

by Dr. Brent Kimball

I hurt my neck in a skiing accident this year. How do we determine whether my persistent neck pain and limited range of motion can be treated through non-surgical care, minimally invasive spine surgery, or, motion preservation disc replacement?

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Dizzy symptoms

Ask The Dr.

by Judy C. Lane, MD

Could the pain relief medication I’m taking be worsening my migraine?

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