Giancarlo Barolat, MD

Meet the Doctor: Giancarlo Barolat, MD

by Mary W. Lemma

Dr. Giancarlo Barolat is a leading neurosurgeon in pain management and a pioneer in spinal cord stimulation. He heads Barolat Neurosciences, which specializes in the comprehensive evaluation and management of individuals affected by long-standing, severe pain syndromes that have not responded to...

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Presbyterian St. Lukes, Denver

Meet the Doctor: Nel Gerig, MD

by Mary Lemma

Dr. Nel Gerig is a urologist and medical director of the Pelvic Solutions Center in Denver, which she founded. She is also president of the Rocky Mountain Urological Society. Gerig graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine and completed residency in urological surgery at the University of Colorado...

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Megan Dougherty

Stroke of Luck

by Lisa Marshall

Fit, active, and just 18 years old, Parker resident Megan Dougherty hardly fit the stereotype of a stroke victim. But during a fluke, split-second accident at a horse show two years ago, she became one.

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Potty Training, Start Living a Diaper Free Life

by Kristen Bason

My goal is to get our three-year-old completely potty trained by the time her baby brother arrives (she is doing great!). It would be a dream to only have to buy diapers for one, rather than two. Is my dream possible?

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Active Play

The Importance of Active Play

by Jennifer L.W. Fink

When was the last time your child went out to play? In today’s go-go culture, time to play outside is quickly becoming a scarce resource. According to a recent Pediatrics article, the trend toward indoor, sedentary activity begins at a young age. Despite the fact that the National Association for...

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handling hot flashes

Handling Hot Flashes

by Jennifer L.W. Fink

Does your internal thermometer jump to “super, incredibly hot” out of nowhere? If so, you’re probably all too familiar with hot flashes – and maybe even a little frustrated.

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Beyond the Common Cold: Sinusitis

by Jennifer LW Fink

Your child has a runny nose and a cough. Is it a cold – or sinusitis?

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What are my chances of giving birth vaginally after having a Cesarean (C-section)?

by Beth Lewkowski, MD

OB/GYN, Mountain Vista Women’s Care, Swedish Medical Center

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Braxton Hicks

How can I tell the difference between Braxton Hicks and true labor contractions?

by Samantha N Patwardhan, MD

OB/GYN, Partners in Women’s Health, Rose Medical Center

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exercise during pregnancy

What should women know about exercise during pregnancy?

by Jessica Donner, MD

Jessica Donner, MD, OB/GYN, Colorado Complete Health for Women, The Medical Center of Aurora

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