MEET THE DOCTOR: STEVEN J. MORGAN, MD | by Jeannette Moninger

Posted on Wed, Apr 18, 2018

Board-certified orthopedic trauma surgeon with OrthoONE at Swedish Medical Center

What attracted you to the field of orthopedic surgery?

Morgan: I like that orthopedics focuses on functional outcomes, meaning that I get to restore someone’s ability to perform activities that have been inhibited by disease or injury. In orthopedics we focus on both upper and lower extremities, the anatomy is often complex and varied making the work interesting and challenging. Working Swedish Medical Center’s Level 1 trauma center allows me the opportunity to focus on restoration of function at a time when patients had not planned on a functional loss. No two injuries are the same, this requires us to use our knowledge of anatomy and our surgical skill to achieve the best functional outcome possible. I appreciate the challenge.

What types of orthopedic surgeries do you perform?

Morgan: I specialize in orthopedic trauma, which means I take care of all fractures in the extremities, as well as fractures of the pelvis and the acetabulum (the hip bone socket). With trauma surgery, the first step is always to help the patient survive the initial injuries. Over the course of my career I have been instrumental in pioneering new techniques to control blood loss in patients with pelvic fractures. As an orthopedic trauma surgeon, I then work to restore the patient’s functional state by repairing fractured bones. In addition to acute injuries, I also reconstruct problem fractures that become infected, don’t heal or heal with poor alignment.

What types of orthopedic traumas do you commonly see at Swedish Medical Center?

Morgan: In general, Coloradoans participate in outdoor activities year-round. We don’t seem to have any downtime when it comes to orthopedic injuries. Swedish sees a spike in ankle and arm injuries after a snowfall because people slip and fall on ice.

What are some challenges associated with orthopedic trauma care?

Morgan: By its very nature, a traumatic event is unexpected and can be life- changing. The team at Orthopedic Trauma and Limb Reconstruction at Swedish Medical Center helps people cope with what is often a prolonged, and sometimes frustrating, recovery period.

How did you become a physician for the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo?

Morgan: I was a collegiate rodeo athlete while pursuing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I got involved with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Justin Sports Medicine Group when I began my medical practice in Denver. I’ve served as a volunteer physician and most recently as the director of medical education.

What benefit does being a part of OrthoONE offer to your patients?

Morgan: All of the orthopedic physicians with OrthoONE have diverse training and specialized areas of expertise. If a patient comes to me with an orthopedic problem that falls outside of my practice specialty, I can quickly connect the patient with another OrthoONE orthopedic specialist who can provide the necessary care.

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