My baby spits up all the time. Is this normal? When should I worry? | by Dr. Brian Stanga

Posted on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

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Dr. Brian Stanga

Dr. Brian Stanga
Parker Pediatrics

Spitting up is common in the first year of life, particularly in the first three to four months, when the connection between baby’s esophagus and stomach is immature, not always closing after feeding. This allows for stomach contents to come back up the esophagus and out of the mouth. Some babies will be particularly fussy with burping or spitting up. In these cases, your pediatrician might consider a diagnosis of acid reflux, a condition where acid is also coming up from the stomach, leading to the discomfort and fussiness. Medication is often prescribed in these cases.

It is also important to distinguish normal spitting up from vomiting. Vomiting is much more forceful, and there is usually increased volume coming up. This can imply a mild illness, such as a stomach virus, but can indicate more concerning problems, especially in the first few months. Projectile vomiting, which is very forceful and can literally shoot across the room, should always be evaluated by a doctor. Your pediatrician should also be notified immediately if the vomit is bloody or dark green in color.

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