No time for a mammogram? Think again, doctor says | by Debra Melani

Dr. Bridget Rogers

Posted on Tue, Jan 28, 2014

HealthONE patients who make excuses for avoiding a mammogram should cross “lack of time” off their lists, as the system offers a number of screening sites across the metro area that aim for high efficiency.

“You don’t need an appointment, and our wait times are basically none,” says Dr. Bridget Rogers, women’s imaging radiologist with Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. “You can pretty much be in and out in 20 minutes,” says Rogers, whose downtown location makes hers a perfect screening place for Denver’s busy working women. Today’s digital mammography, which presents easier-to-read, instant images for the technologist, makes the screening process faster. And the short time spent could make a life-altering difference, as early detection can lead to higher survival rates and better treatment options, Rogers says. Screening mammograms are also covered with no co-pay under the president’s Affordable Care Act. Patients have access to a number of HealthONE and partnering Invision Sally Jobe sites, including:

Did you know?

Five-year survival rates for breast cancer patients are now 100 percent in the early stages, dropping to 22 percent when not diagnosed until the latest stage (National Cancer Institute).

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