Heart Health

cholesterol screening

Not Your Mother’s Cholesterol Screening

by Joelle Klein

Everything you need to know about cholesterol, now

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Sofia Montoya, Colorado

Born To Be A National Spokeswoman

by Joelle Klein | photo Jeff Burak

Colorado’s Sofia Montoya talks surgery, overcoming obstacles and adulthood

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Dr. Bridget Beck, Denver

Is it true that the warning signs for a heart attack for women can be different than men’s symptoms; if, so what do women need to know?

by Dr. Bridget Beck

Yes, women can have a broader range of symptoms signaling a heart attack. Since cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in women in the U.S. and it kills more women than all cancers combined, it’s important that you and others (medical professionals included) become familiar with...

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transradial cardiac catheterization, Sky Ridge

Safer Passage

by Kris Scott

Modern Coronary Procedure at Sky Ridge Lets People Get Back to Their Lives Faster Than Ever

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Dr. Sundeep Viswanathan

It’s a simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes, provides quick, easy-to-understand results and is relatively low-cost. It can also save lives, yet not many people know about it. What is it?

by Kris Scott

The coronary calcium scan, or heart scan, is a non-invasive imaging test that many cardiologists view as one of the best available tests, beyond typical risk factors such as cholesterol levels and family history, for measuring cardiac risk. In short, it helps patients assess their future risk of...

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