green cloth for babies

Meet the Doctor: Stephen Volin, MD

by Debra Melani

OB/GYN with Women's Health Group. Delivers at North Suburban Medical Center (NSMC)

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North Suburban Medical Center

Meet The Doctor: Cindy Long, MD

by Debra Melani

OB/GYN at The Women's Health Group ( Broomfield, Thornton & Lafayette offices Delivers at North Suburban Medical Center, Denver, Colorado

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Apps for new moms


by Maribeth Neelis

The number of digital apps and online services touting increased productivity, organization and ingenuity is mind-boggling. Here are some of our favorites to help you flourish during the first frazzled months and turn your to-dos into ta-das.

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Dr. Kristen Garcia

Worth the wait

by Debra Melani

Babies born before 39 weeks can face problems

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Dr. Cindy Kelly

Woman Goes From Pediatric Cancer Patient to a New Mom at P/SL

by Debra Melani

Mostly, she remembers waking up from the morphine and seeing her doctor and parents crying. Shock prevented tears, as her local doctor explained the bad leg break during her basketball game was not a normal fracture; it was caused by an aggressive bone cancer. At 15, she didn’t know what to...

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Morning Sickness


by Jan Sheehan

Nausea. Vomiting. Loss of appetite. For many women, the toughest part of pregnancy is morning sickness. That early morning dash to the bathroom is a common symptom of pregnancy. Up to 80 percent of women will feel sick during pregnancy, with half experiencing vomiting at some point. Fortunately,...

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What are my chances of giving birth vaginally after having a Cesarean (C-section)?

by Beth Lewkowski, MD

OB/GYN, Mountain Vista Women’s Care, Swedish Medical Center

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Braxton Hicks

How can I tell the difference between Braxton Hicks and true labor contractions?

by Samantha N Patwardhan, MD

OB/GYN, Partners in Women’s Health, Rose Medical Center

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exercise during pregnancy

What should women know about exercise during pregnancy?

by Jessica Donner, MD

Jessica Donner, MD, OB/GYN, Colorado Complete Health for Women, The Medical Center of Aurora

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39 Weeks of Gestation

What factors may lead to the induction of labor?

by Steven Grover MD, OB/GYN

Steven Grover MD, OB/GYN, The OB/GYN Center, Sky Ridge Medical Center

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