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Dr. Colleen Hupp, vascular surgeon, CCSVA

Meet Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Colleen Hupp of Colorado Cardiovascular Surgical Associates (CCVSA) 

by Solve Health Media

When Colleen Hupp was a teenager, she slipped on ice while helping her family load the car for a ski trip. Instead of carving turns on the slopes, Hupp had surgery to mend her broken ankle. Soon after, Hupp ran into her surgeon at a high school career day. He invited her to spend a day shadowing...

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Dr. Mabel Mardones at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

What to expect after a breast cancer diagnosis

by Dr. Mabel Mardones | photos by Farrah Jobling

If you or someone you love receives a breast cancer diagnosis, figuring out what to do next can seem overwhelming. Breast specialist, medical oncologist and hematologist Dr. Mabel Mardones at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers™ offers this professional advice.

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Advanced Pediatric Associates Colorado pediatricians

Ask the Pediatrician: Dr. Benjamin Apple, Advanced Pediatric Associates

by Jeannette Moninger

How can parents get safe, essential medical care for their children during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Dr. Patrick Eulitt, Hematologist, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Denver, Colorado

Meet the hematologist: Dr. Patrick Eulitt

by Jeannette Moninger | photo by Farrah Jobling

When you receive a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you want the latest treatments and compassionate care. Specialists at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers™ (RMCC) provide advanced services for all types of cancer. We spoke with hematologist and oncologist Dr. Patrick Eulitt, who joined RMCC...

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TUCC Urologist Dr. Kara Choate

Meet the Urologist: Dr. Kara Choate

by Jeannette Moninger | photos by Farrah Jobling

Urology issues affect just about everyone at some point in life. Urologist Dr. Kara Choate recently joined the team at The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC). Here, Dr. Choate shares her approach to urology care.

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Erika Lee, Gastroenterology, Lone Tree, Colorado

Asking Dr. Lennon about bio-identical hormone treatments

by Dr. Kelly Lennon, MD, CMO

How can hormone optimization influence the health of men and women?  Hormone optimization with bio-identical hormone therapy is designed to move the dial on hormone levels for men and women feeling the decline of those hormones and its physical manifestations as a result of aging.   Issues of...

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I read somewhere that the American Cancer Society is now recommending colorectal cancer screening at age 45. When should I start getting screened? Should I get a Cologuard® (stool) test instead of a colonoscopy?

by Dr. Erika Lee

Colorectal cancer diagnoses in people under the age of 50 have been rising in recent years. In response to this, the American Cancer Society updated its screening guidelines to recommend that adults at average risk of colorectal cancer start regular screening at age 45. African-Americans, those...

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Interventional radiology technologist, Michael Rose, and medical director, Dr. Peter Stratil view images of catheters threading through an artery. This technique helps the doctors to perform several types of minimally-invasive procedures.

RIA Expands Outpatient Access

by Jeannette Moninger

The RIA Interventional Suite is Denver's first non-hospital option for IR procedures.

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Erika Lee, Gastroenterology, Lone Tree, Colorado

What are preventive screens and why are they important?

by Dr. Charlene Borja

Being a primary care physician, it is my passion and responsibility to help keep people healthy and out of the doctor’s office. Yearly visits, or annual wellness visits, are the time when your primary care doctor reviews with you your current health status, past medical history, family...

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Dr. Dana Ambler, Albrecht Women's Care, Denver Fertility


by Jeannette Moninger

People who need help starting or adding to their families trust Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care for innovative treatments and compassionate care. Board certified fertility specialist Dr. Dana Ambler believes in a holistic treatment approach, which helps bolster the chances of a healthy...

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