Cynthia Redd Rogers South Denver OB/GYN

Meet Cynthia “Redd” Rogers, CNP, PNNP

by Solve Health Media

Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) and Perinatal Nurse Practitioner (PNNP) at South Denver OB/GYN & Midwives in Littleton and Castle Rock

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Dr Kimberly Hildner OBGYN South Denver

Meet Dr. Kimberly Hildner, OB/GYN

by Solve Health Media

South Denver OB/GYN & Midwives in Littleton and Castle Rock

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Charu Signhal, Etta Epidermis, Skin screening App, Skin Cancer

Entrepreneur Designs Skin Cancer Screening App Making Skin Checks as Easy as Posting on Social Media

by Joelle Klein

If you could prevent cancer by simply going for an annual screening at your doctor’s office, you would think that most people would do it. However, skin cancer, which is one of the most common forms of cancer and one of the easiest to diagnose, causes more than two deaths every hour. According to...

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Erika Lee, Gastroenterology, Lone Tree, Colorado

Asking Dr. Lennon about bio-identical hormone treatments

by Dr. Kelly Lennon, MD, CMO

How can hormone optimization influence the health of men and women?  Hormone optimization with bio-identical hormone therapy is designed to move the dial on hormone levels for men and women feeling the decline of those hormones and its physical manifestations as a result of aging.   Issues of...

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The Underlying Issue of Gray Area Drinking

by Jennifer Starbuck

Nearly five years ago, Jolene Park of Centennial woke up to her usual low-grade hangover, undetectable to most but debilitating to her. The headache, nausea and overwhelming regret from drinking too much the night before had become her regular Sunday-morning routine.

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Dr. Dana Ambler, Albrecht Women's Care, Denver Fertility


by Jeannette Moninger

People who need help starting or adding to their families trust Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care for innovative treatments and compassionate care. Board certified fertility specialist Dr. Dana Ambler believes in a holistic treatment approach, which helps bolster the chances of a healthy...

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Dr. Bruce Albrecht of Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care

Meet the Doctor: Bruce Albrecht, MD

by Jeannette Moninger

Approximately one in eight couples has problems getting or staying pregnant. Infertility problems can be heartbreaking. As one of Denver’s pioneers in fertility care, Dr. Bruce Albrecht of Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care helps to create families.

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Her Sexual Health, Want Better Sex? Start Talking

Her Sexual Health: Want Better Sex? Start Talking 

by Morgan Tilton

Something bizarre happened when Emma Murray, now 23, chose a copper IUD for birth control — it’s a tiny intrauterine device that’s inserted by a doctor inside the uterus for long-term protection. Four months post-insertion, the IUD shifted during intercourse, caused a sharp pain, and fell out.

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Could It Be Endometriosis?

by Jennifer L.W. Fink

Reporting Pain is First Step Toward Minimizing Suffering and Improving Fertility

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Pregnant After 35

by Julie Dugdale

What to know about conceiving later in life.

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